Welcome to Chinese Funeral Traditions.

This website was created to provide information to those seeking advice and knowledge on the traditions of a Chinese funerals specifcally in regards to Chinese incense.

Note, the information on this website is meant as a guide only.  Each family or person may choose to remember their loved ones in their own manner.  In addition, this website is written from a perspective of North American Chinese traditions.  Some traditions in Asia may not be common practice in North America.


Who Makes the Arrangements for the Funeral?

It is usually the responsibility of the younger members of a family to arrange for the funeral of an elder.  This is part of the concept of showing respect to one's parents and elders.  It is important to refer to the Chinese Almanac to determine the appropriate dates to hold the funeral ceremony.


What Type of Incense and How Much Should I Use?

There is no definitive answer to this, but we can provide recommendations on what is traditional and common.